Cité Du Havre

One of Montreal's hidden gems is a park located at the very end of a little borough called Cité du Havre.  On the way to the casino and just across the river from Old Montreal,  a man-made peninsula extends out along the rapids and after going under the bridge you find yourself in "La Parc de la Cité-du-Havre."  With some of the best views of the city and plenty of space to have a BBQ, bike ride or picnic, it's a mystery as to why I haven't been here more often.  As soon as you pass under the Concord bridge, especially just before sunset, you immediately feel something special.  From the smell of the smokey coals drifting through the air, and the voices of picnicking friends and families echoing off the trees from the parks various nooks and crannies, to the dozens of fishermen lining the banks of the St. Lawrence hoping to catch that massive sturgeon or even a nice walleye for dinner, you get the idea that this place is very unique.  I took a quick walk and snapped a few shots as the sun set over the city on a hot and heavy May evening and I knew right away that these were some of the best Montreal cityscapes I've ever captured.  I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time here in the coming summer months and would suggest the same to everyone looking for a different taste of the city.  As usual, these photos are for sale and are ready to be blown up as big as need be.  For any print inquiries or to use the full resolution images online, please contact me anytime. Thank you!