The Rapids

Last Friday, when it was a blistering -20 something here in Montreal, I decided to head down to photograph the river as it quickly turned to ice.  I have always found that the photos I take when it's ferociously cold outside, emerge to be some of my best work.  Heading down toward the Parc des Rapides around 2 pm, I had just enough hazy sunlight to help with my idea of using a slow, hand-held shutter speed to show the powerful, yet elegant motion of the rapids as they tore passed me carrying newly formed, crisp ice flows.  Using a high aperture and a low shutter speed and ISO gave me the sublime effect of a painting on the rushing water.  There is something about the rapids and the water in general here in the southwest corner of the city, that plays a large role as to why I still live in Montreal altogether.  I plan on printing sets of these photos as triptychs for my own collection, however if anyone would be interested in their own pieces, please don't hesitate to contact me.  As well, feel free to comment, letting me know what you think of this new work.

Happy Holidays,