Cape Town

A little over a week ago I returned from Cape Town, South Africa where I was the photographer on the last two weeks of the trip for the co-working retreat company, PACK.  We stayed in TableView, right on the most popular kitesurfing beach in the world.  The winds were intense and relentless, to say the least, but it was a thrill to watch the kite-surfers flying through the waves and into the sunset every evening.

We explored a lot every day and I’d have to say one of my favourite parts of the trip was heading to the top of Table Mountain via cable car.  It was absolutely surreal up there, and we got a perfect day for it. No clouds or “tablecloth” as they call it blocking our view.  I think the photos I got here were my best from the trip.

Next on the docket was a visit to V&A market - with its wide selection of things to eat and drink and some uniquely African seaside performances. Following that was the old biscuit mill - a lively market, with just about everything you could imagine. From deliciously varied food and drink, stands to art productions, housewares, and clothing, this is the spot in which I purchased the dopest reversible jacket of my life.  Following that, we were on to Bo-Kaap - an old colourful township, and then to the botanical gardens - the most jurassic looking place I’ve ever seen.  Each site had some unique and beautiful aspects to them, and aside from some neat photos, I ended off those last jam packed days by getting some serious food poisoning that inevitably put me down for a full 24 hours.

Next up was a two day Safari in the Sanbona wildlife reserve.  I came in with some pretty high expectations as I’d been waiting to go on a safari since I was about four years old.  The land is so massive and vast, it’s truly overwhelming.  I didn’t get all the shots I would have liked to, as it’s hard tracking the animals and they’re rarely ever in the same place, but the free wine made up for that.  We were still able to witness a lion kill and get fairly close to some of the other wildlife there.  It was a good first safari experience and I look forward to more in the future, this time with my photography and National Geographic at the forefront of the mission. 

After the safari was whale watching in Hermana to witness the southern right whales before the last ones headed to Antarctica to feed.  Then, an amazing full-day wine tour was in order in Stellenbosch visiting five separate vineyards, and a ton of wine, biltong, cheese and chocolate.  So, so delicious in the most beautiful countryside.  We rounded out the adventure with a final day road trip through Chapman’s peak drive, around Cape point lighthouse and the Cape of Good Hope, the often misconceived most Southern part of South Africa.  Some of the most stunning views with some telltale history here.  The following photos are all in order from the beginning to the end of the trip.  I’d like to thank PACK for the opportunity and experience.  I’m looking forward to the next one!