Parc Omega

Last weekend I was finally able to get out to Montebello, Quebec and visit Omega Park.  I got there around noon and was able to get in a good hour of shooting, straight from my driver's seat of the car.  Unfortunately, as soon as I reached the end of the driving path, the rain started coming down heavy and wouldn't let up.  This kind of foiled my main plans of walking the boardwalk around the wolf and bear section at the end of the park.   On a positive note, seeing as how this park features animals in their natural habitat, it's open all year long so I will definitely be going back for the wolves come winter, while the bears hideout from the cold.

On top of these photos featuring the woodland creatures, as usual I wanted to show a bit of contrast.  This time, of a human in his not-so-natural habitat, so I took some photos through the 9th floor window of my office building yesterday after a long, late shift.