Osheaga 2015

I was very lucky to land a great gig shooting the many security workers at Osheaga.  My mission was to shoot them doing what they do in keeping the festival safe and secure, which in turn granted me great access to photograph my own view of Osheaga. I tried to see as many of my favorite artists as possible in just two days and also used my time on Ile-St-Helene to get some nice, unique views of the city.  It was exhausting to say the least! However, I'm very happy with the result of having photographed my first ever music festival. If you know any of the artists or festival goers in these photos, feel free to share so they all get to see, I'm sure they'll love them.  Lastly, I will be selling limited edition prints of the cityscapes in this set, please contact me for info.  

Thank you, SW.