Photographs of New York City

In the middle of a frigid January, my talented photo buddy (Photos Fera) and I took a quick day trip down to NYC to get some photographs.  It’s a trip I’ve been meaning to do for a while, for a number of reasons, so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it.

We left about an hour before sunrise and soon we had driven past the snow and we were in Jersey by noon.  The photos aside from the first one, are in chronological order.

We had about four hours of walking around and shooting some street scenes and then a little more than an hour for sunset on the Top of the Rock, before an hour of night shooting.  My first goal was to capture as many iconic New York photographs as I could and send some of my favourite shots to both Wayfair & Wal-Mart for sale in the States.  

My other goal was to have some fun photographing the street, something I absolutely love but don’t do nearly as much as I'd like to.  I plan on producing a gallery with some of my best works somewhere in NYC within the near future.  If anyone has any leads or places they think these would work in, I'm all ears.

I tried to create a unique feel with each of these photographs.  Whether it's a different colour scheme, a play on light, or a particular crop and focal length.  The goal here is to have many options for spaces and their owners to choose from, knowing that each space is original.  These photos are meant to be printed large in order to fully appreciate them, to add life and vigour to a space.  Whether it’s a room in your home, a hotel lobby, a gallery, an office space, or a billboard, I create photographs that make an impact and start a conversation.

My diverse selection of high quality print materials: acrylic, aluminum, vinyl mural, metallic photo paper, custom frame, and stretched canvas - guarantee a photographic print that stands out and a work you'll be proud to hang in your space.

I am now taking custom, size-specific orders, limiting each image's print output to 20.  They will be delivered ready to hang, signed and numbered.

Inquire HERE to add some NYC life to your space.

Thanks very much!