Coming in for landing at (YUL) Montréal - Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Having a friend who is a pilot is pretty neat.  Having him bring you up to shoot photos from a few thousand feet out the window or open door of a single engine plane is, I'm guessing, unreal (*wink, wink* boys).  But having his girlfriend ask me to shoot something aviation related as a surprise print for him, is right up my alley.  I've never shot planes before so I wasn't sure how to approach it, I just wanted to get close.  So after a quick, confusing search around the streets and highways of the airport, I was able to find myself right in line with the most popular runway of the evening.  A few jimmied fences and shimmied roofs later with the help of a trusty assistant, I was close enough to hear the sound of the air cracking and ripping as the big airships steadily roared through on their approach to land.  In the end,  my pilot buddy loved his print (try and guess which one his girlfriend chose) and I found a new fantastic subject that I love to photograph.  Success.