Montreal: A 514 as you've never seen before.

I've always been a fan of looking at the "bigger picture", in every sense of the saying.  With the following photographic series, I hope to really convey that feeling.  For the longest time, I had been trying to get the chance to shoot from the top of 1000 de la Gauchetiere.  It took me months but I finally gained access;  not to the top, but to a vacant 36th floor.  I had a view of every direction except eastward.  It wasn't easy shooting through huge reflective paned glass windows, especially at night but I managed to get some of the best photographs I have ever taken.  It just so happened that my granted access was around the time that I had been shooting the city from various other locations, many feet above sea level.  I decided to combine all of these photos from high above Montreal, into this one collection.  I am in the beginning stages of creating a book using the best Montreal imagery I've amassed over the last few years,  so keep an eye out for that campaign coming soon.  In this series, you'll notice that I've taken photos of the places where I had just taken a photo from, sort of looking back at myself and where I was standing.  This means a few photos were taken from the ground.  This is my attempt to show the array of possibilities available to you in this unique city, if you're willing keep your eyes open and look for them.  I will be selling photos from this set on a limited edition basis.  You can contact me here for information on print purchases.  Thank you!

*Note:   Be sure to have a look at these photographs on the biggest screen available!