City Slickin'

My latest collection of photography from the last few weeks stems from three distinct instances.  The first one, being a challenge I gave myself one day in early November.  Upon hearing the news that one of my photos was featured as 'photo of the day' in the Metro paper, I felt inspired to run out and go shoot.  I had twenty minutes of lunch break left and decided to take that time to see how many decent photos I could take in a three block radius, in the heart of downtown.  The photos taken between Peel and University below are from that twenty minute block.  It's pleasantly surprising what you could do with a little inspiration and the application of Parkinson's Law.  The second cause behind some of these photos below are due to a personalized book I'm putting together as a Christmas gift for my grandmother.  You can spot those photos below as the ones being from in and around Verdun and Griffintown.  Lastly, the remaining photos in this post are the requests I receive from individuals who want a custom photo taken of a certain place, thing or even emotion.  These are my favorite.  Finally, after substantial requests, I will be putting up a store/shop on my site.  I will be selling my photographs on a signed, numbered and limited edition basis.  Keep on eye out for that in the new year.  Until then, please enjoy this new work and thank you so much for all the continued support.