Chloe & Phil in the Townships

Two weeks ago I drove up to Mystic, Qc in the Eastern Townships to photograph an intimate 13 person wedding. We started the ceremony in a tiny 19th century church and then drove a few minutes to Notre-Dame-de-Standbridge, where the ceremony was held in a big beautiful backyard. The whole day was just quintessential and felt very much like a fairytale, so I tried to stick with that feel, while also trying to keep in mind the bride’s request for more darker imagery as opposed to light and fluffy. Backyard, country style weddings have become my favourite and having so few people at the wedding, really gave me a chance to get to know everyone rather quickly, which I loved. The Eastern Townships are also one of my favourite places close to Montreal, so this was a recipe for success from the get-go. Thank you again to Chloe & Phil for having me on your day and to everyone in attendance for being so gracious, I’ll see you soon in Bedford guys!